Dave Patty

Dave Patty has been involved in training youth leaders and leading national and international youth movements in Europe for over 30 years and serves as the president of Josiah Venture. He is also a founding member of Concentric, which mobilizes and equips youth ministry trainers in over 60 countries of the world. He is an ordained pastor with a BA in theology and a MA in education. He has also done graduate work in leadership development at Harvard University. For the past 28 years he has lived in the Czech Republic, and spent the 10 years before that in Germany. Dave is married to Connie, and has three grown children, Tyler, Caleb, and Claire.

Cristian Barbosu

Cristian Barbosu is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Church Arad, a church dedicated to winning our contemporary generation for Christ. He graduated from Moody Bible Institute (BA), Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM) and Trinity International University (PhD). His experience with youth ministry goes back to 1999. He is married to Anne and together they have three daughters: Fiona, Tara and Eden. He is passionate about reading, mountains, movies and traveling.

Rei Abrudan

Rei Abrudan, Pastor of Via Church in Cluj Napoca, has graduated from the Polytechnic Institute in Cluj Napoca, TCM, has a Master’s Degree in European Studies and a PhD in Political Science at the Babeș-Bolyai University; married to Ramona Abrudan; together they have two boys, Paul and Mark, two daughter in laws married Rebeka and Eliza and two grandchildren Erin and Seth. Rei has more than 20 years in the youth and students’ ministry.

Flaviu Coman

Pastor in Bethleem Penticostal Church in Medgidia and involved in youth ministry for over 25 years. He is the President of the Vital 10/10 Youth Organization and Vice-President at the Romanian Center for Transcultural Studies (CRST) in Constanța. Flaviu has been married to Lidia since 2001 and together they have four children: Aida, Alicia, Elias and Evie.

Vlad Crîznic

Vlad Crîznic holds a BA in Theology from Emanuel University in Oradea, an MA and PhD in Theology and Education from King’s College in London and is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at the same University. Vlad is leading the Think Ask Ponder (RZIM) team in Romania through a massive evangelistic project that plans „to help the believer think and the thinker believe” Being the editor of the book “Apologetics Around the Table” and the author of the book “(I)relevant Christian(ity)” he is frequently involved in debates, interviews and speeches on subjects related to apologetics. He is married to Dora and they have four children, they live in Cluj and are part of VIA Church, where Vlad is one of the pastors in VIA Church.

Samy Tuțac

Samy Tuțac is the pastor of Providenta Church Timișoara, he is also the national coordinator of “Every Home for Christ” organization, with an experience in youth ministry of over 35 years. Formerly, he served as a pastor at Betel Church in Timișoara for 26 years, leading the youth ministry. He also served for 5 years as a theology profesor at the Timisoara Baptist Highschool. He was the coordinator for Youth Department within the Romanian Baptist Union for over 25 years, as well as leading the local and national Baptist Union. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology, he has a BA in Pastoral Theology from the University of Bucharest (Faculty of Baptist Theology, 1998), a Master of Ministry from Covington Theological Seminary (Rossville, GA, USA) and in 2014 he obtained the title of Doctor of Theology from the University of Bucharest. He is the author of several books. He has been married to Simona since 1989 and together they have four boys (Paul, Raoul, Flavius and Darius), two daughters-in-law (Ariana and Rebeca) and a granddaughter (Nissa).

Amiel Drimbe

Lecturer, Baptist Theological Seminary Bucharest Associate Lecturer, Baptist Theological University, Bucharest Associate Lecturer, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, SUA

Cătalin Baciu

Cătălin has been the Executive Director and Founder of “Teen Challenge” Organization in Romania since 2003; he also planted Church “43” in Bucharest in 2010. He is married to Oltița since 1996, they have four children and five grandchildren. Cătălin has been training teams of ministry workers committed to restoring the addicts among the youth and provide support as they prepare for a new life, for the past 20 years. His passion is to see young people being transformed by Christ become a blessing for their families and communities.

Raul Todinca

Raul is the Discipleship Pastor in Harvest Church Arad, and among other tasks his main responsibility is overseeing and developing the small group ministry. For 14 years he led and developed the youth ministry of Harvest Church Arad. Raul has graduated from Emmanuel University in Oradea and he has recently finalized his doctoral studies (MDiv) In Christian Discipleship. His passion includes history, books, and driving.

John Hinger

John served as the Youth Pastor at Highpoint Church in Naperville, IL for 5 years before moving to Croatia to work with Josiah Venture to train and develop youth leaders there. After 5 years of serving in Croatia he and his family moved back to the Chicago area where John is now the Pastor of Highpoint Hinsdale and the Student Ministry Coach for Highpoint Church.

Marius Mihai

Andreea and Marius Mihai has been overseeing the children’s ministry in Harvest Church Arad for seven years. They met in children’s ministry and have continued to work with children for the past 15 years both in the church but also in their own kindergarten.

Marcel Opriș

Marcel Opriș is one of the Pastors at Harvest Arad with over 10 years experience in pastoral care. He holds a BA in Pastoral Theology and a Master in Counselling and Social Work. He is currently involved in various ministries including pastoral, preaching, assimilation (connection and integration), counseling, prayer, church administration and overseeing children’s ministry in Harvest Church Arad. He’s been married to Neliana for 33 years and together they have two daughters who are married.

Andreea Mihai

Andreea and Marius Mihai has been overseeing the children’s ministry in Harvest Church Arad for seven years. They met in children’s ministry and have continued to work with children for the past 15 years both in the church but also in their own kindergarten.

Veronica Bîlc

Veronica Bîlc – is the Harvest Kids coordinator in Harvest Timișoara, wife and mother of four children. She has an experience of 15 years in children’s ministry, delivers courses and training seminars for leaders in the VCE community.

Persida Coste

Persida Coste is the President of EGM and coordinator of the children’s ministry in Lumina Church Oradea. She has been working with children for over 17 years and has developed numerous projects for children over the years.

David Vasiliu

David Vasiliu is 29 years old. He studied Political Science and International Relations in England and Norway, has worked in many official contexts of British and Romanian governments. He is a worship leader in Adora Christi Church in Iași and along with his brother Andrei, he is leading the “Youth with a Vision” student organization within Agora Christi Foundation. Above all, he wants to lead a generation that lives for the fame and reputation of Jesus and who gets involved in the city God has placed them in.

Marty Coyne

Martin Patrick Coyne gave his life to Christ when he was sixteen; he comes from a divorced home of nine children. He grew up in a very rough background. He has two Theological Degrees and has worked with youth for more than 25 years. He was a youth pastor for 15 years in United States and is a missionary in Romania since 2019. Martin has been married for 28 years to a wonderful Romanian wife and together they have five children.

Lidia Bisericaru

Lidia Bisericaru serves in Betania Baptist Church in Sibiu. Where she has been involved in children ministry since 2007. She is also involved in leaders’ trainings within the EGM Foundation.

Ancu Bocșa

Ancu Bocșa – wife and mother of four children, age range 1 to 9, involved in youth ministry for over 10 years. Creative, artistic, pragmatic, and passionate of everything children related, education, called to serve the wives and young mothers in the body of Christ and everywhere.

David Moza

David, has a degree in Automatic Control and Applied Informatics and Mihaela has an English Philology Degree. They both serve people by focusing on the healing and the restoration of the heart. They will share some of their knowledge and vast experience on this subject. Together, since 2007, they lead the Ellel Ministries Romania and Elpis Publishing House, focusing mainly on discipleship and healing. They have two daughters.

Sergiu Dicoi

Worship leader in Harvest Timişoara and music teacher with an experience of over 20 years in worship and children ministry. One of Sergiu’s passions is mentoring and equipping other people to serve in the Body of Christ.

Mihai Cozmiuc

Worship ministry coordinator in Harvest Church Arad, Mihai has a Bachelor of Arts. He’s been a musical director and worship leader since 2005 (children’s ministry included). He is a piano teacher with an experience of over 20 years.

Răzvan Duminică

Duminică Răzvan is the National Director of a “Grain of Wheat International” in Romania; he is responsible of “Alo!Copii Romania”, a ministry that evangelizes children and trains ministry workers through specific courses and creative resources for children’s ministries. Răzvan’s calling and passion to see more kids in the Kingdom began in 1999. In 2008 he founded “One Way Romania” Publishing House, which provides a great variety of resources for children’s ministry. He is passionate about the intentional process of developing faith in children as a holistic approach (individual, family, community). He is currently overseeing the children’s ministry in Aletheia Church Timișoara. He’s been married to Eweline for 16 years and together they have a 10-year-old boy.

Andrei Vasiliu

Vasiliu Andrei is 25 years old and a graduate of the School of Law at Nottingham University (UK) and now he is currently a fourth-year student at Alexandru Ioan Cuza Law School in Iași. He also graduated Capernwray, Torchbearers International Biblical School. At the moment, he serves as a youth pastor in Adora Christi Church in Iași and as a co-director of “Youth with Vision”.

Anca Păștean

Anca Păștean – Wife and mother of three children (6,15,18 years)- teacher for over 30 years with a nine-year period dedicated to homeschooling. Her passions are: profession, painting, discipleship and growing in Christ through commitment to her family.

Rahela Zopota

Rahela is a Psychology graduate; she has multiple specialties in this field. After a career of 10 years as clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, her life God intersected her life and changed her path forever. For the past five years she has been a biblical counselor in Harvest Church Arad and with Ellel Ministries Romania, thus gaining a vast experience in leading people in the counseling process based on the truth of Scripture and the power of God.