Ron Zappia

Ron Zappia is the Lead Pastor of High Point Church in Naperville, Illinois, a ministry that reaches thousands though multi-site ministry. Ron has trained and sent out many pastors to plant other vertical churches around America. His radio teaching ministry was launched in 2013 and is currently featured on 500+ stations around the USA.

John Dirkse

In 1981 the Lord radically changed John’s life and ever since he has had an unwavering desire to share the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone he meets. That desire continued to grow in John and it was in 1988 at The Master’s University (formally the Masters’ College) where the Lord solidified a calling to full-time ministry under the ministry of Dr. John MacArthur. In 1993 John graduated from The Master’s Seminary. Having ministered in youth and worship in various places, John and Betsey moved their family to Rockford, IL in 2005. Since then, John has been the senior pastor of Redeemer Church. John’s heart to proclaim the Word of God without apology, and to lift high the name of Jesus in worship continues to be central to all he does at Redeemer Church.

Bob Carlton

Bob Carlton is the Executive Director of the Highpoint SEND Network, a diverse family of Gospel centered churches who are catalyzing church growth and church multiplication around the world. After working with some of the largest and most influential churches, networks, and denominations of today, he is now leveraging his 25+ years of experience to help church leaders around the world make more disciples, develop more leaders, and plant more churches.

Cristian Barbosu

Cristian Barbosu is the senior pastor of Harvest Arad, Romania and the coordinator of Vertical Church Europe, a church planting movement. He has a PhD from Trinity International University, Illinois. He is also a speaker at various conferences and an author of many books.

David Dehelean

David is part of the media team at Harvest Church Arad. After studying photography and videography at UVT and serving throughout the years, he has gathered experience in video, audio, livestream and photography. He is married to Ioana and together they have 3 children.

Admin Bocșa

Admin is a musical director and drummer at Harvest Arad Church. While he was a student at Liberty University, he was part of the Liberty Worship Collective band and he played alongside various bands and artists. He is involved in Harvest Arad production ministry and he is married to Fiona.

Cristian Mariț

Cristian Mariț planted and pastors the Harvest Church in Timișoara. As a person familiar with the Orthodox context and a graduate of the master’s program “Comparative Theology” at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Alba Iulia, he is interested in bringing the message of the Gospel in a form perceptible to Orthodox Christians. He is a contributor on YouVersion platform and has written several devotionals, both for orthodox christians as well as for various Christian churches and camps. He has been married to Lacrima for 11 years and together they have 3 children: Noah, Leah and Asher.

Florin Forgaci

Florin Forgaci is the pastor and planter of the Vertical Church in Campulung Moldovenesc. He is a graduate of the Pentecostal Theological Institute in pastoral theology and has 20 years of experience in preaching and working with young people. He is concerned by the state of pastoral theology and preaching in conservative and rigid contexts. He is Married to Petronela, they have 4 children, Ana-Maria, Sabina, Filip and Victoria.

David și Mihaela Moza

David is a graduate in automation and computer science, and Mihaela a graduate in English philology. They have been leading Ellel Ministries Romania and Elpis Publishing House since 2007, with a focus on discipleship and healing. They have two daughters.

Rei Abrudan

Rei Abrudan is the pastor of VIA church, Cluj-Napoca, who serves his generation. He was an engineer, dedicated afterwards to European Studies, having his PhD in Political Sciences at the Babeș-Blyai University from Cluj-Napoca. He is married to Ramona and together have two sons, who are both married.

Daniel Fodorean

Daniel Fodorean has been a pastor and a theology professor with a pastoral experience, in Romania and abroad for 27 years and having 26 years experience in training men and women for the ministry, through formal and informal programs. Besides the pastoral and teaching dedication, he leads the European Leader Formation Network and Antioch Church Network, being part of the coordinating of Year Mentoring Church Revitalisation from the European Leadership Forum. He is married to Felicia and together they have a 20 years old son.

Doru Cîrdei

Doru Cîrdei is the founder pastor and coordinator of the Filadelfia Church in Chișinău, The Republic of Moldova. He is married to Nadia, together, they are parents of 4 kids and he had his Master in Bible and Theology (Evangelical Theological Seminary, Kiev, Ukraine).

Vlad Crîznic

Vlad Crîznic holds a BA in Theology from Emanuel University in Oradea, holds an MA and PhD in Theology and Education from King’s College in London. As he is the editor of the book “Apologetics Around the Table” and the author of the book “(I)relevant Christian(ity)” he is frequently involved in debates, interviews and speeches on apologetics related topics.

Gili Indrie

Gili Indrie is a Pastor at Quo Vadis Church in Hațeg. He is passionate about creative communication and personal development, sports, reading, blogging, leader formation and mentorship.

Radu Gheorghiță

Radu Gheorghiță is a Univeristy Professor of Biblical Sciences at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City. Professor Gheorghiță was born in Romania, graduated from the School of Physics at Babeș-Bolyai Univeristy, in Cluj Napoca. He holds a Master Degree in Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield USA and a PhD from Cambridge University in Great Britain. Since 2015 he has been leading the vocational doctoral program of MBTS Seminary, Doctor of Ministry, conceived for pastors in Romania and Eastern Europe. Radu Gheorghiță is a member of the Bethel Romanian Baptist Church in Vienna.

Emanuel Dănilă

Emanuel Dănilă graduated from the Baptist Theology Institute in Bucharest, with a degree in Pastoral Theology and his field of research was church revitalization, a topic he is passionate about.

Mihai Cozmiuc

Mihai Cozmiuc has a degree in the Arts and is the Musical Director and Worship Leader at Harvest Church Arad since 2005.

Anca Onița

Anca Oniță has been the Video Department Coordinator for 4 years at Harvest Church Arad.

Andrei Lasc

Andrei Lasc has been the Production Director at Harvest Arad Church for 7 years.

Claudiu Păltinean

Claudiu Păltinean is a sound technician at Harvest Church Arad.

Doru Hriscu

Doru Hriscu has experienced many stages of ministry, from serving in the children’s department, in youth ministry, leading as a deacon and as an elder. In 2014 he understood the call of making disciples in a practical way and moved together with his family in Târgu Mureș, where he launched Harvest Targul Mureș Church along with a group of dedicated people. He currently works as a Coordinator within Harvest Church Europe.

Marcel Opriș

Marcel Opriș is one of the pastors at Harvest Arad with a 10 year expertise in pastoral care. He holds a BA in Pastoral Theology and a Master in Counselling and Social Work Assistance. He is currently involved in various ministries including counselling, prayer and church administration.

Raul Todinca

Raul Todinca is one of the pastors at Harvest Arad. For many years he has worked with young people and developed youth ministries; he currently coordinates the discipleship and small group ministry and the youth ministry.

Claudiu Bârlea

Claudiu Bârlea graduated with a BA from the Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest and holds a PhD in Theology from Bucharest University. He is currently the Senior Pastor of Bethel Vertical Church in Schwabach, Germany, a church he planted and has been passionately leading for over 17 years, placing the emphasis on the relevance of the Gospel in the current generation.

Mihai Dumitrașcu

Mihai is the national coordinator of the ATS Pastoral Theology Program, holding a BA in Electromechanical Engineering from the Univeristy in Galați (1982-1986); a Leadership Certificate at Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas Texas (1992); Graduate at ATS – Pastoral Theology (1993-1996); holds an M.A in Global Leadership; Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena (2008-2013). He is a ProLider coordinator and the president of the Regional Community in Constanța.

Anne Barbosu

Anne Barbosu is the coordinator for the counseling ministry within Harvest Church Arad. She finished her studies at the University of Psychology in Strasbourg, France, Moody Bible Institute, and has a MA in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Seminary.

Robert Katai

Robert Katai is a digital marketer and a content strategist. In 2013 he founded the first Instagram oriented project in Romania called Instagramology and since 2014 he has been working for Bannersnack, where he is in charge of content strategy. Since 2017 he has been the moderator and the producer of the most popular podcast in Romania “Katai Podcast”, and a marketing consultant for top brands.