Vertical Youth & Kids Conference

Why we lose them and how to win them back…

Today more than ever, parents, pastors and ministry workers are discouraged by the spiritual condition of the young people, who are increasingly apathetic, disinterested, drawn into sins and addictions, present in church only because of parental pressure or to socialize. At times, they are totally absent from church and even abandoning the faith.

What is the problem?

How did we get here?

How can we win them back?

As spiritual mentors, in what way are we to be blamed? Could the church have lost them, by being wrongly focused and fossilized in forms and methods that quench the Spirit and the Word of God, rather than fanning it into flame? Do pastors, ministry workers and parents truly understand the needs, perceptions and mentality of Gen Z and Alpha? Is the church prepared to help young people who are being pressured by LGBTQ, drugs, lust, and Internet? Will we respond or react? Will we lose them or risk to win them back?

This year, our Vertical Conference will attempt to offer answers and support to pastors, ministry workers, and parents who are concerned by the danger of losing their children and youth. In the course of two full days, four main sessions and over forty workshops we will have the opportunity to learn from the experience of qualified servants in children and youth ministry, how to listen to them, understand them, help them and together win them back. We will learn how to generate appropriate contexts to serve them or to reset those that are already in place, so that the Spirit of God may work through us in this generation.

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